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edition of newsline. it 18 a.m. in tokyo thp at this hour we go straight to business news why we have details on the outcome of the emergency eu summit. >> that's right. a deal has been reached. lead verse reached an extra rescue package for greece as they have excessive debt. the deal is voluntary contributions by the private sector. >> fully supported by all of us, we approved the greek debt
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sustainability. we have shown that we will not waiver in the defense of our monetary union and our common currency. >> the decision was made in an emergency summit of the 17-member nations of the euro group on thursday in brussells. according to the statement released after the meeting, leaders agreed on a new rescue package worth 109 billion euros or about $155 billion in total. commercial banks and other creditors will bear a voluntary burden worth about 37 billion euros or about $53 billion. one of the options is to roll over current holdings of greek bonds to one with longer repayment periods. some nations were reluctant to ask for priefr at sector involvement as this would be interpreted as a default by credit rating agencies but the move was deemed unavoidable. as expectations mounted for a decision by euro's own leaders, overnight in the markets a rebound was seen in
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the government bonds of euro's own nationes with massive debts. positive sentiment lifted the european bond market. buying was seen on not only greek but italian an spanish bonds. rescuing greece put an end to the losing streak on the bond market. excessi excessive pessimism assisted somewhat. investors say uncertainties reremain on what role bond holders will have in the bailout efforts. let's check to see how markets in tokyo are having. for more we cross over to emily at the stock exchange. emily, good morning, how are the markets going tore greece. >> good morning. investors are still reacting to the bailout package but so far investors seem to be positive. investors are buying the euro and stock markets are trading higher so overall the rescue package seems to be relieving worries over europe's debt
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problems, at least for now. let's take a look at where the numbers are at currently. average trading at 10,000098. topix is trading higher, up about 6 points. overnight on wall street the dow closed at its highest since early may as news spread over progress on european debt talks. also progress on u.s. debt ceiling talks as well as the strong earnings results coming out also encouraging investors. dow jones industrial average closing at 12,724. it was up over 150 points. nasdaq closing at 2,834, up 20 points. now over in the currency markets, investors sold the dollar it buy the euro with a level surging to 113 yen level and that is compared to the 110, 113 level we have scent last few weeks.
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currently the euro-yen with the 113 level. though it did dip to 112 earlier this morning. yen now at mid level. that dollar yen is still a key trade for n tokyo because in new york selling pressure on the dollar pushed the green back down against the yen which traded at low level. that trend continued during early morning trading here in tokyo, with the dollar at one point falling to 78.2. global day traders will turn their attention to what is happening in united states where discussions are still underway for a deal among lawmakers thp p thap means the dollar could be swayed either way and that could affect exported shares today. that's all from me. back to you in the studio. >> thank very much, emily.
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em pi . focus will be on expanding sales of plat panel televisions and personal computers in the booming market. toshiba announced a new business plan at a news conference in the capitol new delhi on thursday. they will set up a new team later this month at its indian headquarters to develop product exclusively for the local market. the company is seeing sluggish sales of flat tvs and personal computers in the country. toshiba will also start selling 3-d personal computers which do not need special eye glasses. the product are already on sale in japan an europe. toshiba aims to increase its market share in india's flat television mark fret 2 to 15% in three years. targets a 10% shar personal computers. and new a recap of the latest market figures.
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that is all for now in business news. back to catherine. >> thanks very much. japan's safety administration says that power companies will conduct stress tests. the move follows thursday's approval by the nuclear safety commission of the agency's revised stress plant. they will have computer simulations to see how the reactors would with stand earthquakes and tsunami and loss of power. there is an evaluation of the combined influences of simultaneous quake and tsunami as well as effectiveness of the
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previous measurements the test will be required before facilities can restart reactors that have been off line for regular safety inspection. the deadline for the tests and length of time for the agency to assess results has yet to be determined. time tore newsline's weekly watch segment. we go over the information about the ongoing crisis at the fukushima daiichi plant. it has been about three months since tepco announced a plan for the situation. they say the first stage of the plan is complete. but the reactors still aren't under control. >> translator: the target of steadily reducing radiation levels from the plant has been achieved.
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>> translator: the government says the radiation has been cut from 1 millions of the peak. rejecting nitrogen gas to stop explosions in the buildings have been finished. workers were pouring fresh water on reactors to cool them but some was contaminated and leaked outside. in late june new steps tore taken. tepco says the cooling system is operating on water recycled within the plant. but the system has stopped a number of times due to technical troubles and human errors. it has been operating at an approximately 50% capacity. still below the final target of 09%. 90%. when and how evacuees will be able to return home in another focal point. the government says they will make a decision after confirming the safety of the reactors in early august and by consulting
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local authorities. >> translator: once the government is able to verify that blast prevention measures are in place, it will consider lifting an evacuation advisory for certain areas, 20 to 30 kilometeres from the plant. >> officials in the fukushima daiichi prefek you'res are hoping to open schools. the village is in the evacuation advisory zone. the schools are expecting the advisory to be lifted. but some residents worry about going back to the village. >> translator: quite a few people are concerned about going home. we're worried about schools, hospitals, transportation services and everything else. nothing but worries. >> in the planned second phase,
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the government and tepco aim to reduce the volume of radiation emitted from the plant over the next six months. the goal is to achieve gold shut down by reducing the temperature at the bottom of the reactors to below 100 degrees celsius. >> the space shuttle atlantis returned to kennedy space center after a 13-day mission on thursday bringing an end to the 30-year history of nasa's shuttle program. the spacecraft was later shown to the media and the staff celebrated its last return to earth. >> landing here, down and locked. [ cheers and applause ] >> the media was allowed to come as close as 30 meeters to atlantis on thursday. following its return. some of the heat resistant tiles on the shuttle's surface were burned by the high temperatures during reentry into the atmosphere. 25,000 such tiles protected the spacecraft. also at kennedy space center,
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about 300 people attended a celebrationer is menny. >> this final shuttle flight makes the end of an era. but also, the start of a remarkable new chapter in our nation's story of exploration. >> nasa is shifting to a plant to send a manned spacecraft to mars. it also decided to let commercial space cast transport people to the international space station. u.s. fighter jet manufacturer lockheed martin has called on japan it use its f 35 stealth fighter jet as the nation's next main stay combat plane. steve o'brien, vice president for f-35 business development at lockheed martin spoke to nhk on thursday. he denied reports in a massive delay of its development and said the company should be able to ro duce early enough to meet the japanese government deadline. >> f-35, for every year of the japanese program will produce
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more than a hundred airplanes a year. we believe that we will meet the japanese requirements both in production and capabilities without any real difficulty. >> the vice president said the f35 has the ability to avoid radar detection. that's as well as powerful defensive capabilities. he added the jet could help japan counter china which is enhancing its air force. a pan's defense forces plan to replace the f4 fighter jet replace bed 40 years ago and is scheduled to be decommissioned soon. the defense ministry is considering three possible replacement models and is scheduled it make a choice by the end of this year. the ministers of japan and five southeast asian countries have expressed concern over north korea's uranium enrichment program. before ministers of japan, cambodia wab louse, thailand and
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vietnam met at the meeting at the association of southeast asian nations. they conveyed a concern and the chairperson's statement adopted on thursday in bali and indonesia. it was said that the uranium enrim enrichment programs does not follow the agreement of the talks. they also agreed that sincere and constructive dialogue between the two koreas is indispensable for the rezujs of the six-party talks. the statement also touched on tension between cheena and countries over territorial disputes in the south china sea. it says, maritime disputes must be resolved tlooi through peaceful discussion and based on the principles of international laws. voting to overturn a decision by public prosecutors,
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not to indict the captain of a chinese troller. the troller collided with japanese coast guard boats near the islands in september. the vote on thursday is a second vote in favor of indictment. it mandates the start of procedures to indict the chinese skipper. the incident occurred within japanese waters in the east china sea near waters that china also claims. the panel concluded that photos shot by the chinese, that they recklessly rammed the pro pennsylvania tropatrol boats. it is not likely to go to trial. the world food programme has posted video foodage on its website. that is showing the severity of the hunger crisis. people in the video are are believed to hitting so somalia
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islands neighboring ken why. there is a child being fed by a tube through the nose. there are also children arriving a at refugee camp. since march, eastern african, including somalia, is hit by the worst drought in several decades. several thousands of people have died from malnutrition and about 11 million people are in need of help. the united nations is calling for urgent support and managed it raise half of the amount needed so far. kenya's president set fire to some five tons of confiscated ivory in a show of africa's commitment to fighting elephant poaching. >> severe punishment will be meeted to those engaging in wildlife criticism. >> in a symbolic ceremony on wednesday, the president declared hes determination to
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eliminate all forms of wildlife trade. he warned that poachers an traffickers will be harshly punished. 335 tusks worth about $16 million were burned to ashes. ivory trafficking has been almost totally banned by the convention of international trade in endangered species. group leaders say poaching is the worst it has been in 20 years. amid soaring demand for ivory in china and other far east countries. up next, we report on how employees saved a business through persistence and good fortune. as a result their food processing plant damaged in the earthquake and tsunami is making its specialty product again. >> celery boiled in soy sauce and sugar. people have long enjoyed in inexpensive dish. what makes it so tasty is the secret sauce.
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aged for 20 years. when the fish simmer, their surface takes on such a golden sheen, they are called golden sari. >> i don't know what i would have done without this. i might have quit. >> the secret sauce is the company's prized possession. so prized that when the earthquake and tsunami hit, the employees risked their lives to protect the sauce. they are famous for the large volume of celery unloaded there. the fish processing plant was located right at the port. juni supervises at the plant while the massive earthquake shook the building, all of the workers ran outside. but he dashed back in to rescue the secret sauce.
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it had been packaged so it could be easily saved in a disaster, vacuum sealed, kept in a backpack and stored in a refrigerator. >> of course i first had to find out if my employees were safe. the next pri over the was to save that sauce. it is more important than any machine in the factory. >> he and the employees put the sauce in his truck and tried to get to higher ground. but just then, the tsunami came surging over the horizon. they jumped out of the truck and climbed a telephone pole to safety. but the sauce, it was still in the truck. the tsunami carried it away. without the sauce, they couldn't make their famous golden celery,
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so he and his team started searching the wreckage. unbelievably, three days later, they found the sauce. >> when i brought the sauce back to the office, our president said, great, with this, we can restart. >> although the sauce was rescued, the factory was heavily damaged. however, unexpected help arrived. a hotel in the neighboring prefecture offered kitchen space until the plant is up and running again. the next challenge was finding celery. all of the warehouses along the coast were damaged in the disaster. but he obtained it from an acquaintance. these are frozen, caught before the earthquake.
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the plant also received donations from all over japan. it has been 110 days since the disaster. sowri are once again simmering in the delicious secret sauce. >> and the golden sowri have the same beautiful sheen as before. >> i'm thrilled we've been able to start up again. >> we couldn't have done any of this without everyone's support. i'm so grateful for all of the help we've received. >> until production is fully back unaun running quantities will be limited but he expects sales to be back to normal by
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september. lu n.o.w. lenow, let's take assumo with the ross mihara. >> heading into day 12 of the grand sumo tournament. it fuji was at the top of the leader board. fuji has been a different man throughout this tournament after two indifferent years. brazilian is in only his second top division and meeting for the very first time. kaisei is quicker but is a nervous lad. fuji gains control early even though he is outweighed by 42 kill grams. the mongolian now a perfect 12-0.
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looking to bounce back from his first loss, he was born in 1985 but that is about the only similarity between them. hakuho shows exactly how wide a gap there is between a grand champion and dominated this bout and marked a victory. he is chasing history as he goes for his eighth consecutive top division championship. perhaps the highlight match on day 12 was a showdown between two. moving closer and closer to the promotion. oozing confidence after upsetting hakuho. he has an 8-7 record. so these two are evenly matched. cupping out strong, getting an outside grip early, that would be key. he can steer to the edge for the
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force-out. that's his tenth victory. a couple more wins and co-very well replace kyo as the only japanese in the top two ranks. here are the men at the top in championship race. harumafuji is all alone if first place. he came in may 2009. hakuho knows he will face harumafuji over the weekend. on day 13, harumafuji will have his hands full. while there should be an easier match. the final three days of this tourney will probably be quite exciting. hello there, welcome to your weather update.
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we are looking much calmer across japan. today, good spells of sunshine expected as well in our severe tropical storm still with us. continuing to move slowly away from mainland japan. over the next day it is expected to turn towards the north and maintaining that strength. right now packing strength of 90 kilometers. it is expect to redus in size over the next several days. high waves could be an issue along the east coast. now for the korean peninsula looking cloudy and showery. today for northeast and china a lot of showers developing across much of central and southern china. nothing to severe but it is fairly widespread. southwest monsoon remains active across indio china again particularly in thailand as well as northeast and i india and bangladesh. reaching 33 in beijing. 35 in shanghai.
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tokyo is much o warmer than yesterday. should rise to 28 degrees. now for americas, hurricane dora still a major hurricane. from now on, gradual weakening is expected. we have tropical for the tip of the baja, could be dangerous surf conditions starting tonight and stro strong winds could impact the area from friday night as well. rain shouldn't be a problem but still quite a lot of moisture coming in from the system. so the northern end of mexico looking at showers, pockets of heavy showers as well. as for north america, we have this long frontal system shifting from plain states up to eastern canada looking across from the plain states aep and up in eastern canada and new england wz well as where the hotter air meets the cooler air. could face severe thunderstorms,
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damaging winds as well as large hail. otherwise, the high heat and humidity is going to be the main story here for much of the eastern u.s. as well as eastern canada. as can you see, 41 in wichita today. 39 in new york. almost 10 delaware degrees above average here. we do have heat warnings in place for southern quebec as well as southern ontario. now for europe, intense showers as well as damaging winds possible across central europe. that low pressure system, germany, poll and, looking for rain into your friday. that heads into scanned naira next. calm and sunny for the most part but the new system developing could be bringing wet conditions from now and so increasingly turning wet out here. essentially for the dry in
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portugal. british isles looking at a mix of sun and rain. quite cool today, 19 degrees on friday. staying out out towards the east. moscow is 32 degrees for your daytime high. all right, here is your extended forecast now. that's ail for this edition of "newsline." thanks very much for joining us.
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